THE perfect cake from a small shop in Hongdae, South Korea! So cuteee
Cute fish pastry from street vendors
Yonsei VS Korea University Games last Fall :)
Hi! I love your Blog! I was just wondering how you managed to see so many famous Korean people! X) I will be going to Korea in the Spring and was curious how you get into shows and fan meets. :)
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Thanks!!:] Well, I saw most of the artists through the free foreigner concerts, pre-recording shows, or sometimes just randomly on the streets. hahaa They weren’t too hard to attend since you could sign-up online through the fanclubs or the event websites, just have to choose the foreigner option. Fan meets are a bit different and I don’t really know except that you have to buy the groups cds and it is always easier to meet rookies since tickets for fanmeets are given by the number while you wait in line; for more popular groups it is a raffle. Good luck with studying in the Spring and enjoy the pretty cherry blossoms then!:]

Interview: Director Christine Yoo (Wedding Palace)



On a breezy Monday afternoon, Jasmine and I went up to Venice, California to meet up with Director Christine Yoo. The brilliant and hardworking mind behind the soon-to-open film known as Wedding Palace! I had decided to contact her for an interview when I began to see the outrageous speed at which my "An American Movie About Koreans?!" post was racking up again. Without further ado, continue on to learn about what crazy challenges and funny moments Christine faced while making the film and the stereotypes she is trying to fight. Also, check out how her collaboration with famous Korean actress Kang Hye Jung went and more!

There is so much truth and down to earth talk in this interview! You’ll see why I was so inspired by this woman and why I support Wedding Palace!

(It’s worth the long read! Spread the word!)

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Last week my friend Emerline and me were lucky enough to meet up in Venice to talk with Christine Yoo, the director of the soon-to-be released Korean-American film, WEDDING PALACE. Emerline did the interview and I took some photos:) If you guys don’t know about the film, check out the interview!! The movies features Kang Hye Jung(Old Boy) aka Tablo’s wife, Brian Tee (Tokyo Drift), Bobby Lee (Mad TV), and many other talented Asian Americans! Show some support and stay tuned for the premiere in LA, Hawaii, NY on September 27th!!:)

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Hello followers!! ahhh I know its been a while since I have posted on my Korea blog…..have been bumming around because of summer and working, so haven’t updated many pictures, but I shall soon!! HOWEVER and kinda random, haha my friend is doing the T-shirt design contest for KCON and I would GREATLY appreciate if you guys could like and share the photo. They worked really hard on the design and really deserve to win. Lots of detail and very cute, AND IF DESIGN WINS THEN SHIRTS CAN BE BOUGHT AT KCON!! oOOOOooo PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE! OXOXOXO <3 If not it’s cool! keep following and look forward to when I post more pictures from Korea :] 

Must Go Places > Food > Monster Pizza



Rating: 5 / 5

Location: Hongdae/Seokyodong

Recommended: Duh

I think the most fitting words for this post will be - very few. It’s pizza. It’s in Hongdae. It’s delicious. It’s everything you’d ever want in a pizza. Or at least that’s how I feel whenever I’m there.


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seriouslyyyy GO HERE. Best American tasting pizza :DD

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Hiya! Nice pics!!! :O what camera do you use for them?
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Hellooo! :] I use a Canon T3i with 18-55mm lens which is the basic lens or my 55-250mm telephoto zoom lens. If not my camera, then I use my Iphone 4s for pictures :]

hello! i just love your blog and seeing all the amazing experiences you had in korea! looks like you had a great time!^^ can i ask you a question about studying if thats okay? :), do you know if it is possible to apply for a university in korea all by yourself (because there are no uni's here that do an exchange to seoul)? and if you could does that mean you study there for how how ever many years you need or would it just be for 1 semester? sorry if this doesnt make senseT.T thank you ^^
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Awwww thank you, I really appreciate all the love!! teehee Hmmmm Because I did do mine through a school partnership, I am not entirely sure…However, I think it is totally possible since all you would have to do is apply through the exchange program. Because you apply through the program then it might be a year or semester, but you need to check the Yonsei website just in case. Hope this helps!:]


The infamous~


Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, downtown Seoul, South Korea

GAHHHHH SO BEAUTIFUL!! passed by here on a ferry :P

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Posters on my dorm room wall. hehe wasnt even all of them!o__o my roommate disliked the fact that she had to wake up to like 15 guys staring at her from across the room LOLOL
B.A.P Himchan at Kpop event I went to hehehe DAT FACE xD Got to see them SO CLOSE &lt;3
PARK SHI HOO IS WATCHING YOU AS YOU SLEEP!! Trolled my roommate and posted these Park Shi Hoo posters all over her side of the room. I had a huge stack I got for free from the theatre and I put them to good use for trolling. I scared the shiet out of her HAHAHAH